A local man has wowed some half cut mates today over a long lunch.

The 28-year-old commercial leasing agent from Betoota’s Heights district was enjoying the company of a couple of friends down at an Old City District restaurant when the conversation briefly turned to what should be done about the bill.

Harley Thomas, who for some reason decided to pretend like his mates hadn’t adhered to the code of someone just informally picking up the bill when they felt like it was their turn and paying for the group meal, decided to make a statement.

Despite the fact that he hadn’t paid for lunch for the last few outings, Thomas decided to announce to the group that he would get lunch today because he needed the points.

“Don’t worry fellas, Daddy Thomas will pick up the bill for you dawgs,” he said infuriatingly.

After ever looked at him nonchalantly, he decided to qualify his kindness.

‘“I need the points anyway,” he laughed, motioning to his Velocity card.

“Not far off booking flights to Fiji with the points from this bad boy,” he said hopping out of his sit and walking to the counter.

One of his friends Glenn Hunt spoke to us about Thomas’ heroics just moments ago.

“Lol (sic). I’m pretty sure it was his turn to pay for lunch. He hasn’t bought one of our lunches for ages,” Hunt said.

“I mean good on him for fixing it up, but he didn’t need to make some dumb comment from atop his high horse.”

“Don’t worry we’ll give him a bit of shit at our next lunch.”


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