3 kids have been left to their own devices this afternoon. Ipads, phones, brains, and whatever else they can get their hands on.

This comes after the Mannah family begin their holiday with a couple hours in the international before embarking on an overseas holiday.

Heading to Europe via Brisbane from Betoota Airport, the Mannahs decided to arrive at the airport nice and early.

Not for the reason most mums and dads get to the airport ridiculously early, because they overplan and are unreasonably anxious about being late for check in. But, because the Mannah matriarch and patriarch felt like spending a bit of time in the Velocity Lounge.

Leaving the kids to entertain themselves for a couple of hours, the normally responsible parents walked off without a care in the world.

“Kristen, our oldest, is very responsible,” the father James Mannah explained.

“She will look after the other two,” explained the high rolling Partner at a local law polishing off his 3rd beer at at grade football pace.

“Deborah and I are going to treat ourselves and get a bit of time off from the kids before we have to be responsible parents around Europe for the next two weeks.”

The mother of the kids and a leading Barrister in town, Deborah Mannah shared the same sentiments with The Advocate as her husband.

“They’ll be alright. I mean, everyone else is going to probably hate us in a couple of hours time when the kids start getting all ratty and making pests of themselves,” she said.

“But I’ve cleverly told them to sit at a different gate to our flight. So when we’ve finished polishing off the good stuff here and are at a post court victory lunch level, I’ll call Kristen and tell her to head to Gate 2,” she laughed.



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