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A local woo girl has this week had to reconsider her relationship with alcohol, after finding herself feeling genuinely perplexed by her boyfriend’s casual drinking habits.

Steph Gilmore [24] tells The Advocate that she and her partner Greg were having a pub lunch at the Shifty Hen, when he ordered a can of beer alongside his parmi.

Knowing that they were both visiting her mum afterwards and that it was highly unlikely to be a pissup, Steph was unsure why he even bothered ordering a beer at all, considering it a waste of money and calories if he wasn’t planning to get shitfaced.

“I don’t get it”, says Steph, “surely he can’t be getting a buzz from that?”

“I just don’t see the point in drinking alcohol unless you’re getting tipsy, at least?”

“I’d find it impossible to have just one glass of wine with a meal. Do I have a problem?”

Our reporter, who is also a fellow binge drinker, assures her that it’s a valid question.

“Is having a beer with meals a stepping stone to alcoholism?” she asks, despite drinking so much last weekend she threw up on herself in the shower, “should I be concerned?”

“Why not get a can of coke instead?”

More to come.


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