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A local woman looking to dip her toe into getting cosmetic filler for the first time has found herself having a bit of a panic attack this afternoon, after her appointed nurse appeared to be a little heavy handed on the fillers herself.

Thirty four year old Amanda Goodman tells The Advocate that she’d been deliberating about getting filler for months, citing that she looked a ‘little more tired than usual’ and was looking to restore some of the volume she’d lost in the past couple of years – despite, of course, looking absolutely fine, but that’s just the unfortunate pressure of being a modern woman.

“Yeah I found the clinic on Instagram and really liked their natural results”, said Amanda, “I still wanted to look like me.”

“Which means I really just didn’t want my boyfriend to notice.”

Amanda says she’d been ready to forge ahead with doing filler during the consultation, but decided to perhaps go with another practitioner after meeting ‘Nurse Liam.’

“He was so lovely”, explains Amanda, “but he’d, um, had quite a bit done to his face.”

“Which isn’t to say he wouldn’t do a wonderful job!”

“…I just didn’t want to risk it.”

More to come.


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