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A local woman has refused to admit she’lll never be the early rising, health conscious gym junkie she’s always yearned to be, by saving yet another overnight oats recipe fed to her from her Tik Tok algorithm.

Charlotte Stone tells The Advocate that she ‘fully intends’ to make the overnight oats, just as she ‘fully intends’ to get cracking on all those booty transformation videos she’s been saving for a year straight.

No doubt, just the same kind of exercises in the ‘8 week booty transformation guide’’ she bought from a fitness influencer three months ago, and then never proceeded to open.

“No, I really will do it!”, says Charlotte, showing our reporter a delicious looking peanut butter recipe, “I’m also keen to try the overnight weetbix.”

“I just keep forgetting to buy the ingredients.”

“I will do it”, she utters once more, as if trying to convince herself.

More to come.


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