A local chippy has let his social media followers know that they should be pretty jealous of him today.

Kayden James (23) did so by posting a photo of the picturesque location he is working at and titling it ‘Todays Office.’

The young man uploaded the photo from a location on the coast today where he and his boss are working on a little annexe.

James told us that the post on his socials was just a cheeky uplifting shot to show off how nice the place he is working at is.

“Yeah just good to let my friends and family know that I’m leaving the dream out here today,” James said.

“Especially those of my followers who are pen pushing drones who stare at the same cubicle wall every day of the week.”

“Honestly, couldn’t do that mate,” he laughed to us.

“Just plug myself into the same booth every day and go through the motions like that. Couldn’t work in an office,” said the man who never has and like he said never will work in an office.

James then told us he had to get back to it as his boss was off the phone and looking for the young man.

We spoke to one of James’ office mates about the upload today and he explained that the location did look nice.

“Yeah, beautiful view, beautiful day, good on him.”

“He’s right, it’s better than sitting in this same fucking desk that I’ve been sitting in for the last two years.”


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