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Many East Betoota punters were left scratching their heads earlier this week after a prominent local publican made the decision to put a hexagonal pool table in his popular establishment.

The Royal Commerical Hotel has been an East Betootanese drinking institution for nearly two hundred years and despite undergoing a number of facelifts and renovations, the pub remains as popular as ever.

But that unabridged popularity has been put to the test by new licensee Brett Nathanson, who took over the running of the hotel earlier this year.

Replacing the jukebox with a pinball machine was the first controversial decision made by the Toowoomba native, the second being the hexagonal pool table.

“We’re heading in a new direction with the Royal Commie,” said the 34-year-old publican.

“We play good music here now. The P.O.D and Limp Bizkit CDs inside the old jukebox were almost worn down to the label they were played so much. Yuck! Anyway, we got rid of the old pool table because it was too big. The hexagonal one is fun and different. This is just the start of the changes I want to make.”

More to come.



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