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A Betoota Heights man has revealed that he’s finally found the hill he’s willing to die on, which he stumbled across after making a last minute change to his hiking route last Sunday afternoon.

Speaking to our reporter Effie, who still searching for hers, Anthony Ellis, 32, reveals that he’d seen a couple of hills he thought he could die on, but hadn’t really felt that ‘special spark’ – that is, until he discovered a grassy knoll located behind the Betoota Ponds quarry.

Patting a spot on the grass next to him, Anthony explains why he chose this particular hill to be his final resting place, and what put him off all the other hills he looked at.

“I’d say this hill is big enough,”, he explained, picking at a tuft of weed, “there’s definitely smaller hills to die on.”

“I have a friend who chose a really weird hill, full of bindi patches!”

“Why on earth he picked that, I’ll never know.”

“I doubt anyone will be joining him on that hill.”

More to come.


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