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The organisers of Betoota’s famed French Quarter Markets are facing a wave of criticism after a glaring error this weekend.

The French Quarter Markets, like others around the country are the highlight of the weekend for many of the nation’s inner city residents.

However, organisers have been publicly called out and shamed for their decision to allow the markets to go ahead without a Gözleme stall on Saturday.

This comes after a report was released just last week confirming that it is mandatory for any markets operating within 100 kilometres of a major city’s CBD to have a Gözleme stall with a minimum of two elderly women running the shop.

“Absolutely disgraceful @FrenchQuarterMarkets… What’s next, no overpriced candle store?” wrote one angry patron online today.

“So no Gözleme place on the weekend? How the fuck was that allowed to go ahead, not happy!” wrote another.

The market’s coordinator confirmed to The Advocate that they had made the mistake, but wanted to assure residents and tourists that it would not happen again.

“The two ladies who normally run the stall were away for the weekend and we foolishly forgot to organised a replacement from somewhere,” the coordinator said.

“It won’t happen again.”

“We will be offering free pink turmeric spiced lemonade next weekend to make up for the mistake.”


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