A prominent fuckboy is letting local girls know he’s here for a good time, not a long time this afternoon, after purposely not wearing socks with his chinos at the races.

Long touted as the official uniform of boys who enjoying ghosting one-night stands and dodging questions surrounding long-term commitment, it’s understood personal trainer Josh Waverly (26) was spotted sporting all the hallmarks of a male you don’t even bother telling your girlfriends you met, let alone dream of taking home to meet your mother.

Dressed in a recently purchased cream jacket and Navy chinos from Tarocash, witnesses say Josh completed the outfit with two suave accessories, a floral pink pocket square and an equally cute pair of faux-leather loafers, worn without socks.

On the ground at the Betoota races, our reporter spoke to several women trackside, to get their hot take on Josh’s outfit and thoughts on him as a potential long-term partner.

“Ummm no socks and loafers? Yeah he’s a literal walking red flag,” said Hailey Johnstone (29), the maid of honour leading the charge at a nearby Hens.

“I think all the girls here have been there, done that, I just really hope he goes home alone.”

Speaking to another bridesmaid in the wedding party, a recently single Tara Edwards (28) told The Advocate despite the blaring issues, she thought the personal trainer was kind of cute.

“I mean this has nothing to do with the fact I was broken up with last weekend, but he’s a bit of a babe, in like a ‘will treat me mean, keep me keen’ kinda way.”

“Although the no socks thing gives me the ick, I’ll probably catch tinea, or something much worse…”

“I think I’ll give him a miss”.

More to come.


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