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Local father of four, Michael Collander, took time out of his busy Thursday morning to speak to The Advocate via telephone regarding The Bachelorette, which he’s often forced to watch of an evening time.

While he describes himself as not being a fan of reality television or television in general, the 43-year-old told our reporters that he’s shocked at himself for getting into the popular show.

“The girls have it on most nights, they sometimes even watch the repeats,” he said.

“I usually just sit out on the verandah on a warm night and have a cup of tea, maybe a Peter Stuyvesant or four. Maybe make a telephone call to the old man or my brother, you know. Maybe put the History Channel on when the girls go to bed,”

“Never thought I’d be chomping at the bit for the next episode of The Bachelorette. Very odd behaviour for this pleasant Diamantina gent such as I. The Bachelorette is indeed a rich tapestry – a tapestry of human emotion. A snapshot of the human condition.”

Equally as shocked was Michael’s eldest daughter, Amy, who told The Advocate that the ride to school this morning was quite interesting.

The Year 10 student at the exclusive North Betoota sports high school, St Glenn McGrath’s Grammar, told our reporters that her father was expressing his displeasure at seeing Pete, Eden and Jefferson get sent home.

“It’s fucking bullshit, those guys had a lot more to offer Sophie [Monk] and she basically just threw their love in the bin,” said Michael.

“Hopefully they all go onto long and illustrious careers in commercial radio like every other long-haired yahoo from this show does.”

More to come.



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