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Taking advantage of a rare Sunday afternoon off work, a local creep grabbed a paperback Michael Crichton and headed on down to the Betoota Hotel for some one-on-one time with himself.

Colin Denuto told The Advocate this afternoon that it’s one of his favourite things to do – to go to the pub by himself and read.

“My house can get a bit noisy so I enjoy coming down here for a bit of peace,” said the 36-year-old.

“People often look at me like I’m crazy, you know. Coming down to the pub by yourself is kind of weird as it is. But to come here and read, that’s what freaks people out.”

Echoing the local creep’s sentiments was bar manager Jock Campbell, who agrees that statement that whenever he see’s Denuto coming down the footpath with a book under his arm on the way to the pub, he dies a little bit inside.

“Mate, it’s a bit antisocial, don’t you think?” said Jock.

“People typically come down here to have a bit of fun, shoot some pool or spin a couple wild ringing yarns, that’s about it. But Col just reads? Why can’t he just be like everyone else?”

More to come.


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