SES crews are on standby across NSW today, as a textbook Queensland-style afternoon storm, with wind gusts of up to 90 kilometres, makes it’s way across central and northern parts of the state this afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted the worst-hit locations will be in the central and northern areas of the state and has issued a warning for Sydney and surrounds.

The Premier’s office have confirmed that there has already been a sign language correspondent organised for the imminent three-hour press conference expected to begin a bit after lunch.

The thunderstorms are expected to bring heavy rainfall, large hailstones, and strong gusts. BOM warned of flash flooding in some areas – which is essentially the same thing most parents in Queensland have to deal with around school pick-up time every afternoon in Summer.

One expert has said that residents should prepare themselves for a ‘typical Queensland afternoon shower’.

“This is not a drill!” said professor Fittler from the BOM.

“Nail down the hatches. If your kids are at school when it happens… Tell them to stay there until we give you the okay to move”

“Council will be providing free sandbags at all yoga studios and healthfood stores. This weather should be taken very seriously”

“Do not go outside. SES crews will on standby”


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