A local bartender has today indicated that he thinks he is far too important to share his personal space with another shift worker.

After booking a ride home after a few afternoon beers with coworkers at the pub they all work at, Todd Comino (22) has opted to spend big and book a 2012 Hyundai Accent Sport 1.6 Hatch Model home to his six-person sharehouse in Betoota’s French Quarter – which is roughly 4 kilometres away – and easily walkable.

Saving himself roughly 18 minutes by ‘booking a car’ instead of just waiting for the bus, Todd is making sure he makes the most of every cent of the $9.52 that this ride usually averages out to be.

Firstly, he’s making sure the driver has the air con on, because it’s hot outside and he’s not going to pay 43% of his hourly wage to sit in a hot car.

Two, he’s going to request that the driver puts the radio on 96.5 Desert Rock FM, because as an young unpaid creative, he won’t settle for talkback over some of the hottest tunes in the Channel Country.

And three, he’s getting in the back seat, because after spending the last eight hours being paid a barely liveable wage to run plates back and forth from the TAB to the pub kitchen, he’s not about to have yet another conversation with a friendly Nepali man on his own dollar.

At time of press, Todd was seen listening to the Joe Rogan interview with Elon Musk through his $500 noise cancelling headphones that he recklessly bought using AfterPay two weeks before arriving at his family Christmas with no presents for mum.


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