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One thing led to another last Saturday night, forcing a group of South Betoota youths to head back to a Cordillo Road sharehouse with a big bag of cans and a burning desire to get legless.

Stacey Porterhouse put his hand up to host the kick-ons after a short discussion among the group outside the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club.

“Oi go back in a get a big box of tins for the fellas, I’ve got wine coming out my ears but so the girls are sorted, aye?” yelled Stacey as two close friends, Will and Fred, lightly jogged around the west side of the complex and into the drive-through bottle-o.

The foursome then headed down Wilson Road to avoid the housing commission, before cutting back through Lafayette Park on their way to Cordillo.

“You’d be made walking through Kihee Estate with a whole bunch of piss and smokes,” explained Fred.  “They’d be scooping you up off the street and throwing you in a hole come morning time if you did.”

Though the mood was already good, Porterhouse’s 6-year-old Bearded Collie, Lucy, was there to greet them when they got home.

From there, the kick-on descended into something that neither person present wanted to remember – until somebody put Lucy on the table.

“That was pretty much it from there, we all lost our minds.”

“Haha it was so loose”

However, Lucy didn’t find it loose. In fact, for the slightly more sober house guests – it became very clear that Lucy was more than let down by the degenerate behaviour.

The malting pupper, who was happily asleep minutes ago, gives her owners a stare that would make anyone reassess their behaviour.

“What is wrong with you?” says those judgemental eyes.

“Take a look at yourselves”

More to come.


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