A local father of three has today explained to The Advocate his frustration with the new government.

Speaking to us from the coffee shop in one of the neighbouring cafes to our newsroom, Graham Wallis said he’s already had enough of this ‘virtue signalling bullshit.’

“It’s just too much,” explained Graham.

“I mean, publicly elected officials going out there and trying to push agendas down Australian’s throats,” continue the man who fully supported the Opposition Leader’s decision to join former Prime Minister’s Tony Abbott and John Howard at the funeral of the ‘good Catholic’ George Pell.

“Albanese attending that march is just not a good look if you ask me,” continued the man who actually wasn’t asked by our reporter this morning.

His comments come after the Anthony Albanese became the first sitting Prime Minister to attend the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney.

While he’s been attending the parade for decades, it’s the first time since his election that he’s taken to Oxford street during the big event, with many hailing the move as a step forward as a nation.

Albanese was quick to hose down the praise, claiming he’d been marching for years and him doing so should be normality.

However, that’s not the kind of normal local Sky News dad Graham Wallis is looking for.

“Doesn’t he have work he should be doing,” continued Graham as if Albanese should be reading legislation on A Saturday night.

“Rather than wasting time on that stuff,” he said through gritted teeth.

When asked what was really bothering him, Wallis vaguely spurted out some Sky News terminology in attempt to gloss over the fact he’s a homophobe who is a scared of gay people.

“I just don’t want it pushed on me, okay,” finished the man who has never had it pushed on him, before walking out with his coffee in a huff.

More to come.


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