A mate who’s notoriously all bark and no bite is causing quite a stir this morning, as he attempts to generate some momentum into a large Bucks weekend.

The Advocate understands that at 6am this morning, local insurance manager Brendan Duggan dropped several all caps messages and a series of memes into a group chat titled ‘Davos Buckos’, in an effort to communicate to his friends just keen he is to get legless this weekend.

Firing up the group chat ten hours before any official proceedings begin, it’s understood Brendan decided to ignite the chat in the hope of finding someone to have an early drink with and possibly share an Uber to the airport.

“OH HO HO HO, THE DAY IS HERE, FIREEEE UPP BOYZZ,” Brendan wrote into the chat with the addition of several pint emojis.

“Who’s keen for a breakfast bevyyyy? “@Jacko @Kenny @Hoonsy what time are yas getting to the airport!”

Speaking to one mate Tyrese Edwards, a groomsman who’s done all of the organising for this weekend’s trip to the Gold Coast, it’s understood Brendan’s keenness to get on the beers will likely be short lived due to his chronic intolerance for alcohol.

“Mate I’ve got no idea why he’s carrying on like this, we call him Cadbury because he can only handle a glass and a half,” Harry told The Advocate.

“I can guarantee you he’ll have two beers in the rooms, two shots at the first pub and then one of us will have to soldier him to the cab so he can go to bed.”

“We’ve literally got a side chat drawing short straws for who has to take care of him this week, he’s not ruining my bender that’s for sure.”

More to come.


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