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A local man has today managed to find a new way to piss his wife off, by technically doing what she asked but executing it in the worst way possible.

It’s alleged Michael Rooney [32] had been reprimanded for constantly leaving his wet towels on the bathroom floor, which his partner Lisa was sick of picking up. This was because the towels would quickly stink up the bathroom and didn’t look that aesthetically pleasing when guests popped around. After bringing up the topic several times, it appears Lisa’s harsh words may have eventually sunk in – but not that it’s any better.

Lisa is reported to have entered the bathroom last night, only to see a scrunched up towel in the holder – causing her to pinball between  picking her battles or tearing him a new one…inevitably opting for the latter.

“Mike for god sake look at it.” says Lisa, pointing at the limp piece of cloth hanging from the look.

“Yeah I know, I hung it up!”, exclaims Michael proudly.

“You could have folded it! It looks terrible, Mike.”

Storming off in a huff, Michael goes on to say that Lisa is ‘always picking on him’ and that he ‘can’t get anything right.’

Of course, Lisa had no other choice but to start hanging the towels up herself. Classic.

More to come.


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