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A couple of Betoota Heights besties now know exactly how the brothel workers of the 19th century felt walking past the upper class, after having the unfortunate experience of having to make their way through a bustling French Quarter district wearing their rave gear.

For those unaware of the kinds of outfits you would find at rave, and in particular, in edm rave, it usually involves colourful lycra or sequins, with the shorter and skimpier the outfit, the better. 

And for Hayley Knight, 27, and Alex Weathers, 26, that means going all out, by letting it all out.

Because if you can’t wear shit like that in your 20s, when can you?

Unfortunately for the girls, though they will look completely normal at the event tonight, they still have to get there – which meant walking past multiple young families enjoying an early dinner.

They both speak to Effie, who was also at the bus stop after doing fuck all at work all day.

“Fucking hell, I’ve never been stared at more in my entire life”, says Hayley, “we should have just gotten an Uber.”

Alex adds that one woman had even held her child closer, as though they were harpys from hell sent to defile the minds of their young.

“On the upside, a very elderly lady said we looked gorgeous.”

More to come.


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