In a case of things going generationally full circle, tensions are brewing between Gen Z and their elders over the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of “smartphone pinky,” a condition caused by excessive smartphone use, according to a recent report.

“I tell ya, these youngsters and their fancy gadgets” exclaimed Margie Downes (74).

“Have you seen? my niece has deformed fingers just from holding her phone too much, they call it the phoney-pinky or something”

Some are finding Margie’s fears somewhat hypocritical seeing as she’s a woman whose fingers have taken on a yellowish hue from decades of chain-smoking.

“No no no no, I’m not being a hypocrite, give me a break.”

“She’s got a bloody addiction that’s ruining her life, I’m 74 years old, I’ve beaten my addiction.” Margie boldly exclaimed.

While Margie continues to pester her niece on her phone addiction, the dispute is a reminder that there are somethings that Gen-Z and smoking Baby Boomers have in common, like their fingers being messed up.


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