Concern has arisen in the office as speculation mounts regarding the frequent disappearances of young intern, Jessica Vanders.

Colleagues have observed her on-edge behaviour, as she continues to make a beeline to the toilet every 30 minutes, with what many believe to be a fruity-scented vape in hand.

“Either she’s got a bladder the size of a walnut, a UTI or has an inseparable bond with her fruity vapor,” Martin, her manager told Betoota.

When probed about her frequent vape excursions, Jessica enigmatically responded, “It’s where my creativity thrives. This pineapple-mango blend is my inspiration.”

During times of desperation, Jessica, is even so bold as to take a couple of tugs under the cover of her limited edition White Fox jumper, believing she’s concealed amidst a cloudy veil of fruity fragrance.

Concerns among colleagues regarding her potential vape dependency have prompted discussions with HR, expressing apprehensions that “the vape pen might have a grip on her.”

As Jessica continues to vanish into a haze of vapour, office discussions oscillate between considering an intervention or introducing vape breaks on the official company schedule.

More to come.


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