In what may just be her kookiest venture yet, Betootan Odette Brown (29) is going on a ‘blind date’ like it’s the bloody ‘90s or something.

Blind dates were an analogue form of dating where two single people were united by a mutual friend, often a nosey coworker or aggressive aunty.

The term ‘blind date’ comes from the practice of the two people knowing very little about one another often including what they looked like or what witty sentences they were capable of writing. 

The practice was unofficially outlawed when mainstream dating apps allowed users to get a good look at the person they would spend their time and money with in a move that everyone agrees was for the best.

For that reason it is extremely baffling as to why Brown would return to ‘the old way’ of trying to make a romantic connection.

“At first I wondered if she was writing a novel or a blog, perhaps even getting some stand up material,” stated Brown’s mate Paige, who met her partner on Tinder like a proper person.

“But no, she just really wanted to play a nice blindfolded game of Russian roulette.” 

According to Paige, she is worried that her friend may soon start to partake in other obscure ‘90s behaviour such as renting a movie or frequenting the very last internet cafes.

“When she called to tell me about the date I had to check she hadn’t called from a payphone.”

“She had a terrible time because of course she would, she was meeting up with a completely random man that she knew nothing about, the odds were stacked against her.”

“Still, power to her. I guess.”



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