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A Facebook virologist has pivoted into an entirely new career direction, with their constant barrage of posts now entering political territory.

John Wright [44] is said to have been one of the loudest voices concerning the anti vax movement, often posting long paragraphs about big pharma and how covid was no worse than the flu. This would sometimes border on up to four posts a day, including memes, false medical resources and quotes about being a fool.

But now that the threat of covid has been taken over by the threat of war, a classic turn of events considering the shit show that’s been the last few years, John has now turned his attention to the current conflict in Ukraine – which he says is all fake news.

“It’s all media propaganda”, says John, “it’s the west making shit up.”

“It’s actually Ukraine that’s causing all the problems. Putin is trying to unite the countries against the threat of Joe Biden.”

“I’m pretty sure there are Ukrainian soldiers entering Russia, I saw a video about it.”

This is of course referring to a video that shows Russian forces destroying a Ukrainian military vehicle, which just so happens to show a vehicle the Ukrainian military doesn’t even use. And of course, these videos are only being shown in Russia news websites, which means they’re 100% legit.

“None of this would have happened if Trump was still in office.”

“This is why crypto is falling, because Ukraine is selling it all for weaponry.”

“People need to wake up.”

More to come.


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