A regular night at the Betoota RSL took an exciting turn for local man Joseph Anders on the weekend as lax security allowed him into an area normally off-limits to all but the upper echelons of society’s elite.
“As I’m walking back from the TAB I saw the back entrance to the VIP Room was totally unguarded!” claimed Joseph, who’s account of the night’s events has yet to be verified.

“I knew this could be my one and only chance to rub shoulders with the hoi polloi, so I quickly checked no-one was looking and then just ducked inside.

I didn’t see any VIPs I recognised, but I was trying not to stare; to keep a low profile you know.

Last thing I want is for one of the celebrities to spot me and call security so I just sat down at one of the pokies and put $20 in.

Just then this girl with a tray walked past and asked if she could take my empty glass and I knew my cover had been blown.

I just mumbled something and quickly walked out.

But still, it was an amazing experience; my mates couldn’t believe it. The
carpet was so colourful and there was even a plate of free Mentos.

Mum reckons I should write a book about it or something but I dunno. I just wish I had been able to take some photos”. 

An unidentified spokesperson for the Betoota RSL said they were not authorised to discuss specific security matters or the complimentary Mentos policy.


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