Betoota dad David Curtain (51) is the first to admit he doesn’t really get it anymore but that’s fine as he was once a good looking rooster back when things, like music, were good.

Yet even with the Abe Simpsonian acceptance that his time has been and gone, Curtain simply cannot seem to wrap his head around what his arts degree son Dom (20) considers to be a good time.

As an on-campus student at one of Australia’s leading piss up universities, and someone in the early 20s, Dom Curtain is an avid enjoyer of drinking games such as Kings Cup, Beer Pong and Biervashtoppen, an outdoor drinking game of miscellaneous European origin that just went mainstream.

“It’s really fun! You fill up the wooden cups and then run around them in a circle while your mates throw bread at you,” Curtain explained with the excited optimism that only someone who has never handed out a resume can have.

“Then you have to guess who the weakest thrower is and if you get it right they have to drink!”

Even after being offered the 60 page leather bound Biervashtoppen instruction manual, David was no closer to understanding the game or why drinking beer should ever be a punishment for anything. 

“What happened to just an honest drink?” asked Curtain like the ghost of a Greek emperor looking upon the dilapidated ruins of his kingdom. 

“There was just the one drinking game when I was growing up. It was called ‘Drink As Much As You Can Without Becoming An Alcoholic’.” 

“I think I won. Most of my mates certainly didn’t.”

Young Curtain then asked his dad if he’d ever heard of Goon of Fortune to which his father replied by stating he was there when they invented it.

“Now there’s a drink worthy of being a threat! Even when I was young when the goon was much better than the shit you get nowadays. And it was cheaper, used to be 30 cents extra with the morning papers.”


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