A pair of lovebirds from the southern beaches of Sydney have been praised today for their display of public manners and demonstrating a deeply touching level of cultural respect.

Out celebrating their three year anniversary at Italian joint Crinishiti’s Bistro and Restaurant in the central dining district, local pair Jordy Harrison and Jordon Flegler settled in for a night at the fancy establishment which has linen napkins.

Impressed by the extensive drink and food menu, which included a number of pizza hybrids including the locals favourite, Tandoori Chicken Pizza, the pair decided they’d embrace European culture for the evening and order as if they were on the coast of Italy.

“May I have an Aperol Spritz?” asked Jordy politely, ordering a cocktail she’d recently discovered on a hens weekend in the Hunter Valley a few months ago.

“And I’ll get the Peroni thanks?” added Jordan.

Attended to by a 3rd generation Italian, Stefano Totti, witnesses say Jordy and Jordan were then forced to politely sit through the waiter’s five minute soliloquy detailing the specials available for the evening.

Nodding intently as Stefano sung praises of the restaurant’s Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe, Chicken Scarpariello and Veal Osso Buco with Citrus Gremolata, it’s believed the pair pretended to briefly consider ordering a special, before just going with their regular favourites.

“Cool, umm can we get a Quattro Formaggi, that’s the really cheesy one right?” asked Jordan politely.

“And the garden salad!”

Having spent the last few minutes attempting to sway the pair towards a main dish of slow cooked meat offcuts that costs $46, Stefano curtly nodded, not even bothering to write their order down.

“Actually can we get the salt and pepper calamari too as an entree, if that’s cool?” inquired Jordy “Tonight’s a bit special!” 


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