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After hazily scouring the room through squinted eyes, a drunk Sarah Thornhill is slowly making her way towards the bar to take her night into the rumosphere. 

For someone who’s often described as boisterous and attention seeking, Sarah is tonight sneaking through the crowd with a rum in each hand, praying to her white bear god that no one notices her. 

While Sarah isn’t usually ashamed of drinking a couple rumbos, her drunken self just isn’t ready to cop the ridicule from her posh interior designer colleagues. 

Unfortunately for Sarah, how she was sneaking in her mind and how she was sneaking in real life were completely different, causing both her bosses to turn around and catch her brown handed. 

“Sarah, ew, are you drinking rum?” One boss laughed.

“You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl, am I right?!” Cackled the other. 

“Emma, Emma, look! Sarah’s already on the rums!” The boss said, calling over more colleagues to look at Sarah. 

At this point Sarah gave up being conspicuous and skolled both the drinks in front of her bosses. 

More to come.  


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