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Being on the road for work can be a lonely and thankless task, however one sales associate at the Betoota Training Institute has found a way to fill in his time and feel constantly in touch with his peers.

Brad ‘Beefy’ Burton’s system is simple, he just calls his mates, he explains to The Advocate over the phone while he drives between work sites.

“I just go to our group chat and call everyone in there”

“I used to go from top to bottom, but the boys would warn each other when I called the first name”

“So now I just choose randomly”

“I don’t necessarily have shit to say to them, but it’s better than sittin’ in silence”

“Oi, mind if I let you go? Got a few more of the boys to call.” Beefy said before abruptly cutting the interview short.

It’s believed Beefy’s friends are catching on to his random tactic as well, with some of the boys now just avoiding his phone calls all together.

“Fark, it’s alright sometimes, but I reckon I get about 5 phone calls a week from the bloke”

“Talk about boy who called wolf,” said a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

At the time of press Beefy was up to his fifth phone call, none of which are answering.

More to come.


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