In a surprising turn of events, CBD worker Christopher Jules (29) was left stunned after discovering that his Aussie taxi driver, Grant O’neil (66), was not tuned in to the latest right-wing A.M talkback radio program with poor reception during their morning commute.

“I couldn’t believe it” Christopher exclaimed, still reeling from the shock of the experience.

“I mean, this guy was seriously breaking some stereotypes.”

“Not only didn’t he have A.M radio playing, his car didn’t have that musky smell and he didn’t even have a steering wheel cover, can you believe that?”

When Christopher saw his driver and was greeted with a “g’day mate” he was comforted with the familiarity of how his trip was about to go, which was why the absence of buzzing A.M radio came as a huge shock.

“It’s just… you know what you’re getting with those drivers, hopping into those types of taxis is like a small portal to my childhood, the smell, sound and feel on the inside seriously hasn’t changed since the 90’s, I was a little disappointed If I’m being honest.” Christopher admitted.

“I mean he didn’t even turn the volume down when we drove through a busy street so he could tell me how crazy it was in the 80s” I felt ripped off quite frankly.


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