A Central Coast man is researching the benefits of Chinese medicine this week as he looks to cure a bout of crippling back pain.

After attending not one, but two Blink 182 concerts over the past week, Nath Pearson (38) of Morisset is planning to lose his acupuncture virginity, in the hopes that it’ll stop the sharp shooting pains in his hips that’ve plagued him all week.

Speaking to our reporter whilst rehabbing his limbs on his living room floor, Nath said the two hours of standing up on the hard concrete of Qudos Bank Arena has come back to bite his nervous system.

“Mate my back has more knots than a packet of Twisties this week,” Nath told The Advocate, wincing in pain as he rolled his joints over a frozen can of lemonade.

“My back is shot, and I get daggers in my hips every few hours.”

Despite spending the entire concert standing at the rear of general admission with foam earplugs in for hearing protection, Nath admitted this week has taught him that he isn’t that gig fit anymore.

“These days I like venues like the Enmore or the Hordern, where they’ve got floor space for the young ones and seats round the edge and up the back if you need a breather.”

“Don’t get me wrong it was an awesome show, but two hours on your feet plus trekking all the way out to Olympic in a pair of old Vans that have as much cushion as walking in empty tissue boxes, I knew I was going to need to dig up my health insurance policy.”

“I should’ve worn my orthotics!”


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