A Brisbane man is praising the wonders of Facebook today for sending him a timely reminder that he needs to take a slasher through his friends list.

Whilst waiting to pick up a strong cappuccino from a cafe on Queen Street, former Betoota man Scott Tinto (27) was pinged by a notification from Facebook alerting him that today was the birthday of five different people he couldn’t give a shit about.

“Who’s Frankie Edwards-Smith? I don’t even know who that is,” Scott mouthed, as he clicked through the notification to see how he knew this random stranger living rent free on his Facebook feed.

“Oh, she was that chick I met at that full moon party in Phuket. Oh wow, she’s married now, who’d have thought…”

Scrolling through to see who else was celebrating their yearly milestone, Scott told our reporter he couldn’t understand why it’d taken him this long to remove these ghosts from his past off his friends list.

“Yep, there’s Nathan, I played cricket with him in Year 7 but I heard he might’ve done a stint in jail since. And I’ve got no clue who Jaydon Howlett is, I think I met him in a smokers area at Schoolies.”

Annoyed to have his day disrupted by the alerts, Scott said the whole thing was even worse because his Facebook events page had somehow linked itself to both his work calendar and his personal iPhone calendar, so he would be getting reminders all day that someone he once shared a bunk bed with on a backpacking adventure around Thailand was celebrating their birthday.

“It’s seriously annoying that I have to go through each person and remove them individually, it’s gonna take me hours.”

“I might as well just wait til I’m delayed at an airport or I’m stuck in an elevator for a few hours, then I’ll kill the time and give half of these strangers the flick.”


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