A Betoota office worker’s bad day is on display for all to see as an innocent pedestrian crossing button takes the brunt of their Daniel Powterian rough one.

After a month’s long lockdown finally gave them a sense of freedom, office worker Kearly Croone (39) has since been made to return to her fluorescent hell full time, despite the fact her CEO has been working remotely for the past 17 years.

An emerging veteran of a job she hates that in no way relates to her degree and has never produced an interesting party story, Croone leaves the office each day feeling a little deflated and with the ticking sounds of the ever-approaching 8:30am ringing through her increasingly vacant mind.

Following a day of doing work that is not in her job description, getting called out by someone who is not her boss and having her time stolen without a single time cop in sight, Croone began her evening commute home in a darkness that matched her soul.

While CCTV footage shows she initially looked no more dead inside than the other dull eyes in the Old City District, Croone was seen giving a completely innocent pedestrian button an aggressive series of mashes as if she was trying to pass on the suffering she wishes were no longer hers.

“I’ve seen people with needles still hanging out of their neck go easier on the button thing than she did,” stated one frightened commuter who asked to remain anonymous to ensure Croone could never come after them.

“With each metallic slap I could hear the bureaucratic struggles she faces daily, all for a company that definitely isn’t making the world a better place.”

According to Croone she has no plans to stop taking out her rage on innocent pedestrian crossing buttons but soon plans to give herself full marks for everything on her next self appraisal and cry if her boss tries to argue about it.



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