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Cut price strangely laid out supermarket Aldi has shaken’ things up in the wake of the reserve bank’s recent strings of decisions. 

In a recent press release the Aldi CEO Lyle Clernup has announced that $5 notes, or any notes really, will be used instead of a $2 coin to gain access to a trolley. 

“You just have to roll up the note as if you were going to use it as a straw” is the simple description given to the media. 

We spoke with mum of three Amanda Dreer who told us how see overcame the issue.

“At first I couldn’t figure out how to roll the note up like that, luckily I had my 24 year old son with me and he already had a pre-rolled $50 in his pocket! He’s a proactive one, bouncing off the walls with energy too,” she said.

Some shoppers were not too keen though like local labourer Gary Jones (55).

“All I want to do is grab a trolley, buy my eggs, bread, an assortment of camping equipment and maybe a flat screen TV like I normally do. Now my Aldi branded keychain is completely worthless, you know how hard it is to remove things off a keychain with brickies hands!?” huffed and puffed Gary.

“What if I’ve only got $12 to my name and I want to buy $10 worth of stuff? Now by the time I put the $5 in the trolley I’ve only got seven bucks to use,” added Jones.

Why he’d need a trolley for $10 worth of shopping we won’t know. 

We’ll keep you posted on this, and the rumours that bitcoin operated trolleys are next. 


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