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Sitting in a meeting at a local marketing agency, Simon Harper, a soulless suit, has just laughed at what he’s pretty sure is a joke told by his client, Emma.

In the real world, the attempt at humour would be met with crickets, however, in this instance, Simon was required to laugh – well, he thinks he was meant to.

“Good one, Emma!”

“You’re so right, contracts are annoying,” he said to the client.

The Advocate caught up with Simon shortly after the incident took place to see how he lives with himself, knowing how much of a coward he has become.

“It’s not easy, let me tell you,” Simon said.

“I have to kiss ass all day, I just laughed at a joke that I’m not even sure was a joke.”

“I just get in there on auto-pilot. My father would be so disappointed if he knew the man I have become.”

“He raised me to be a leader, not a loser [sigh].”

When questioned about what the alleged humour was, Simon was unable to answer.

“I dunno, she’s such a pain so I just switch off – as I said, auto-pilot.”

Our reporter reached out to Emma, the client, to see what her perspective on the whole situation was and whether she has any inkling that Simon hates his job and himself.

“Simon is such a great guy, but between you and me, I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me,” she said.

“I told the shittest joke before and he laughed at it.”

More to come.



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