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The nation’s girlfriends have confirmed today how excited they are to about their media consumption over the next two months.

With their respective TVs being permanently set to the cricket coverage, they explained that they are prepared for two months of white noise from the TV.

“I can’t wait, two months of watching a game that I have no interest in; sounds like an absolute dream,” said one girlfriend Courtney Lucas.

“Neither, I particularly love the slow games that take 5 days,” said another.

“It’s great how there is a game during the day, and then another one at night too” parroted two other girls.

“It’ll be two months of white noise on the TV.”

“I may as well just go and unplug the antenna and watch the screen, at least then it might hypnotise me into some form of enjoyment,” one said.

“This is how we all feel, cricket is so boring.”

“Even when our boyfriends take time to explain it to us, it’s like we are genetically wired to tune out.”

“It’s impossible to enjoy.”

More to come.


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