Empty nester Anne Botley (60) was surprised by a lovely phone call today by her daughter Bella (30) who just wanted to let her mum know that she loves her and wants her money.

Reluctantly or otherwise, everyone knows that we are living in a thing called a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ which is honestly getting harder to introduce in new ways in the second paragraph of an article.

As a result, Millennials like Bella Botley, who don’t want to ask her mum to ‘borrow’ some money are instead dropping it in as part of a passionate statement of love and reignition of maternal financial support.

“I just want to say mum, thank you for everything you ever did for me, and the things that you continue to do,” stated Bella, during a phone call that genuinely sounded like it was just for a chat.

“I can’t believe how much you had accomplished when you were my age. I guess things were cheaper back then hey?”

Like many Millennials that selfishly don’t want to bring human life into an overcrowded world pencilled in for iminent self destruction, Bella has gotten to the age her mum was when she herself was born and has realised that three succulents in a rented apartment is not quite the same as three children a weatherboard house.

Unlike her succulents however, Bella’s family home has appreciated in value, meaning Bella might appreciate a little bit of help with the cash please.

“Oh honey,” stated Anne, feeling genuinely sorry about the financial wasteland her generation created.

“You know you’ve always got a roof over your head here.”

Bella then tried to delicately explain she loves her mum too much to take advantage of her like that and just the money in an envelope would be great thanks.



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