After three hours in a worksite demountable, a Young Labor prodigy has successfully completed his mandatory white card induction.

Kai Stone-Wood (24) says now that he is a card-carrying ‘tradie’ – he will make sure that no one ever treads on him, or his fellow workers.

Even though Kai is in fact employed by the Labor party as a community organiser while also studying full time at Sydney University, with his white-card induction comes a mandatory placement by the ALP, to ensure their next generation of bureaucrats can at least sound like they know a life outside of Manning Bar.

Speaking with over-the-top Australian colloquialisms, Kai says he is very grateful for the opportunity to ‘walk in both worlds’.

“After speaking to a couple of the BLOKES on the WORKSITE yesterday – one thing I noticed is just how important it is for us MOB to organise”

“They need to know how important it is to have BLOKES like me in their camp. People who know how to use automated multi-account social media posting tools… but also aren’t afraid of the real tools”

“People who can tell the difference between grigio and gris… But can also tell the difference between an electrical fire and a chemical one”

Aside from his mandatory ALP blue-collar placements, the son of two heavily politicised public servants who both work in outdated but secure roles within wildly bureaucratic state government departments says he’s always had a fair understanding what life is like for the common worker anyway.

“We need to provide our comrades with a party that isn’t dominated by a bunch of suits who don’t know what it’s like in the real world. Like the Liberals”

“These investment bankers have no idea”



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