President Donald Trump has today called for tighter background checks on American high schools, in an attempt to prevent any more school shootings from happening while students are around.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, has appeared in court charged with premeditated murder, which is a position the prosecutor is confident in – after investigations point out the fact that the alleged purchased his automatic assault rifles with the intention of assaulting people with it.

It is also clear that he went inside the school with a loaded assault rifle with the intention of shooting it.

With 17 people killed, this is the deadliest US school shooting since 2012 – which is the type of statistic that American media love to keep track of, because essentially this is just a big competition for lonely losers with access to extremely powerful weaponry.

Speaking at the White House on Thursday, Mr Trump addressed “every parent, teacher and child who is hurting”, and said authorities would do “whatever we can to ease your pain”.

“I want you to know that you are never alone,” the president said, adding: “No child should be in danger in an American school.”

“I am meeting with state representatives to discuss how to prevent this from happening, and it starts with the schools”

“We must have tighter background checks on our schools.”


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