The former Liberal Party leaders from the last forty years of both Federal and State Governments are today lamenting the persecution of another fine man who has worked tirelessly to keep them in power.

This follows the publication of a long-awaited expose from The Sydney Morning Herald, which details scandalous allegations against one of the most powerful figures in modern Australian political history.

Just like Cardinal Pell before him, this man’s reputation will be loudly defended by the bluebloods that he kept very friendly with throughout his decorated career as both a fixer, messenger and head-kicker for the Australian Right-Wing.

Even in the face of a furious public and whistleblowers who believe these current revelations come far too late, it is expected that Former Australian Prime Ministers, Premiers, and media figures will be submitting glowing character references on behalf of the alleged.

Today’s defensive backlash of yet another important conservative figure is already reminiscent of the time that both former Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott provided their own letters of endorsement for the late Cardinal, during a highly publicised legal trail where Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic clergymen stood accused of abusing two teenage boys after Sunday mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne in 1996.

Without giving it a second thought today, Tony Abbott is again rushing to set the record straight and tell the world just how wrong they are about the man that helped him win the 2014 election by absolutely destroying the reputation and public standing of Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Sitting in front of his Windows XP in the family computer room this afternoon, Tony Abbott is already 2 hours into writing his one page reference for the man at the centre of today’s allegations.

Which his fingers clawed above the keyboard like a T-Rex, The Former Member for Warringah is defending more than just one man’s reputation today, he’s defending the ‘old Australia’ that existed before the lefties destroyed the conservative status quo by interfering with protection rackets that concealed the very appalling actions of his colleagues and multi-millionaire backers.


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