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“No that hasn’t fixed it. It only made it worse” says local retiree, Annette Mckoy down the phone to a stranger named Reni.

“I think you’ve ruined our Skype, Reni” she says.

Reni works in the call room for Telstra, and is quite familiar with baby boomers calling him about random issues they are having with applications and software that is in no way associated with the internet provider he represents.

From what he understands, Annette is trying to make contact with her youngest daughter, who is currently travelling overseas. After several failed log in attempts and a completely random goose chase through settings, she decides to call Telstra, because they are most like to blame.

“She said she’s entered the password in and it keep coming up wrong. She also isn’t sure what the username her son set her up with is” says Reni

“I have no idea why any of this is my problem, but I can’t just leave them there stuck in the living room”

While Annette and her husband John’s recent technological woes appear to have been wildly offloaded to a complete third party today, it is not an uncommon occurrence.

“Someone called me the other day to ask how to increase the size of the text on their screen. I think these people honestly think Telstra makes the computers.

However, John and Annette’s son Kel is quick to rush to their defence.

“You need to understand my parents bought this laptop in a Telstra store”

“Like, they bought it with a plan. Like you would a mobile phone – off course they view Telstra as some sort of all-powerful being”

At time of press, Kel was receiving missed Facetime phone calls from his father who has since denounced his lifelong loyalty to Skype.


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