The broad Goldie accent of Sophie Monk was in full flight last night as she attempted to navigate her way through twenty pissed blokes peacocking in front of her on the 2017 season of The Bachelorette.

The former pop-star turned Australian media personality was spoilt for choice when it came to emotionally-stunted bachelors last night, but says her criteria is quite simple.

“I just want someone he knows how to rip the scab off a tin and shoot the shit”

“Is that too much to ask for. He’s gotta be a real good tell a yarn type operatoirrr”

“If any of youse stumble across anyone like that, send him this way ploise”

Monk, a self-confessed bogan, says she has been unlucky in love because she goes for the wrong sort of bloke.

“None of thoise Madden brother toypes, ploise. I’m sick of the shirtlifters”

Early signs indicate that Soph, 37, will hold her own with the pack of morons showing off for her attention – while also stirring shit amongst each other.


Do you think we should cover each episode of The Bachelorette with a Betoota debrief. If so, comment ‘Yes ploise’.




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