Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has again been caught on camera doing something that can cause serious workplace injuries, as he attempts to try every blue collar job in the nation while campaigning ahead of an election he is too scared to call.

After convincing some of his shipping magnate mates to boot an Maritime Union member out of a crane at the Port Of Botany, Scotty dragged a couple of cameramen up the 80 metre ladder to sit in the control room with him.

According to SafeWork NSW, workers must complete a recognised training course and have been assessed as competent by a SafeWork NSW accredited assessor working for the RTO before they even step foot near a crane.

However, if you are a politician who’s entire election strategy is to get photographed in every worksite possible, certain exemptions can be made.

This comes after literally every tradesmen in the country laughed at the Prime Minister over the weekend for his appalling attempt at a bit of welding.

While in the Northern Territory, the Prime Minister tried his hand at welding but was captured lifting his face shield up, so that the cameras could photograph him pretending to be a tradie, as sparks flew centimetres from his face.

The clip went viral, with thousands of comments from qualified welders who were pointing out how close the Prime Minister was to losing his eyesight.

Criticism of Mr Morrison’s welding technique comes in the wake of criticism of his hair-washing technique and ukulele playing.

However, the career desk jockey has hit back at his critics today.

“If people want to have a crack me about that they can … I’ve got a lot to learn if I wanted to do those jobs” the PM told 2GB.

“And if all the narcs in the bubble want to have a crack at me, well, they can – but what I’m doing is showcasing the great work of our apprentices and small businesses.”

However, his ‘showcasing’ down at the Port Of Botany today appears to have caused extreme damage to Australia’s export market, as the PM accidentally launched 2.2 metric tonnes of snap frozen Tasmanian salmon into another stack of containers.

At time of press, up to 43 freight containers had been destroyed, with Australian produce sprawled across the port. 16 wharfies are now in a critical condition at the RPA Hospital.

With several hard working Australians now on life support due to this most recent campaign stunt, the PM has gotten on the front foot and dismissed his critics.

“If people want to sneer at me for thing like playing the ukulele, or causing the highest number of workplace injuries in Australian history outside of the theatre of war, they’re sneering at millions of Australians who just get on with their lives and do a great job.”


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