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Australia’s hybrid public broadcaster has sensationally announced a merger set to rock the media landscape in the country.

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) has announced this morning that it will be merging with online video sharing website Pornhub.

The merger comes after Channel Nine and Fairfax announced that they too would be merging.

The move will see SBS and the Canadian Pornographic site merge, with Pornhub taking a 51.5% ownership in the company.

The brands will remain in their own right but will become part of a merged company called Sex Before Sleep, in line with the popular colloquial name given to Australia’s special broadcaster.

SBS CEO Michael Ebeid told a media scrum this morning that the move is the perfect merger for both companies.

“Our brands closely align and we are coming together for an exciting future. There is going to be a whole lot more Erotic Tales let me tell you,” Ebeid said.

“Our name has long been bandied around as Sex Before Soccer, Sex Before Sleep, Soccer Before Sex etc, so it’s a merger that just makes sense.”

Ebied explained that the two companies will share content across their channels to grow together under the merger.

“Yes, we are going to bring a lot of the softer sort of stuff across to SBS On Demand to provide people with a broad one-stop kind of service,” he said.

“And they are going to take a lot of our Scando, French sort of tasteful erotic stuff to cater to more of a refined audience.”

“We are all excited. Very excited.”


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