HAVE I EVER LIED TO YOU? Scotty has come out this week to fix his own reputation amongst voters, after countless polls pointed to the fact that the number one issue that Australians have with this current government is the bloke leading it.

“It’s not a popularity test,” Mr Morrison said on the first week of the campaign

“You go to the dentist, it doesn’t matter if you like him or not. You want to know they’re good at their job.” continued the leader, seemingly completely unaware that at least 60% of the population are not that familiar with seeing a dentist because wages are too low for most of us to shell out for dental, which isn’t covered by medicare.

And on the final week of the campaign, this conversation has come up again, as the Prime Minister once again addressed his dismall popularity ratings, after a month of trailing in the polls with more and more voters indicating that they are being tempted by Labor.

“I know (that) Australians know I can be a bit of a bulldozer when it comes to issues,” he conceded.

“I know things that are going to have to change with the way I do things.”

‘Promising to change’ appears to be a desperate final bid for a Prime Minister, who has already snapped back to his obnoxious bullying ways in an excruciatingly rude interview with Leigh Sales on ABC 7:30

It would appear that the Prime Minister does not understand what it is that makes him unpopular. As he clearly forget that every single Australian remembers the time he went to Hawaii for a two week beach holiday at the height of record-breaking bushfires, and then lied to the media by denying he’d ever left the country, until he was caught out lying because he couldn’t resist getting a photo with some Aussie tourists on Waikiki beach at sunset, forcing him to admit he had fled the country but defended his decision by first blaming his wife and kids, and then eventually losing his temper and saying ‘i don’t hold a hose mate!’ before promising he would come back as soon as could be arranged, which ended up being a week later, because he felt deserved the right to finish his overseas holiday while 483 people died and 4000 people lost their homes.

It is not yet known if even Barnaby Joyce believes Scotty can change, or if he still thinks he’s a “hypocrite” and a “liar”.


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