Ellie Keaton-Mcgrath has been married for just over 25 minutes, and despite the fact she is now surrounded by her closest family and friends, she is also keeping a very close eye on how the people who weren’t invited to her wedding are responding to a Facebook photo she has uploaded of herself walking down the aisle.

Shortly before the hour-long service, the 32-year-old bride was seen handing over her iPhone to her 17-year-old cousin Katie. She then provided stern instructions on where best to stand when taking a photograph of the final procession.

“I’m not really into this whole wedding photo stuff,” says Ellie.

“But I thought I better post just one photo up. We had so many family and friends who couldn’t make it,”

“We had to be really strict on numbers,”

After exiting the official ceremony in the South Betoota Presbyterian Church with her new husband and bridesmaids in tow, it is believed Ellie doubled back around to the side entrance, where her cousin was waiting with 16 different photographs to choose from.

“It had only been a couple of minutes, but I thought I better post one now because I’m going to have to head down to the park for the professional photos in a minute, and the day is going to be pretty much flat out from then on,”

In a survey conducted by Nielsen in December last year, it was revealed that over 90% of Australian woman who were married in 2015 expected upwards of “200 likes” on a standard aisle, altar or church steps Facebook wedding photo.

Of the 90%, almost half believed that the best way to garner the “double tonne” was to “tag” all of their bridesmaids and immediate family members in the photograph.

“I’m gonna put my phone away in a second, everyone keeps trying to come up and kiss me, it’s getting pretty hard to keep an eye on it,”

“I’m just really glad enough I had time to officially add the hyphen to my Facebook name,”

“It really is every little girl’s dream to crack the double tonne before the reception,”





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