Benjamin Harvey, a newly hired graphic designer at Corporate Signage Australia, has embarked on his low-key yet persistent search for fellow employees who may share similar interests to him.

“Brisbane is boring enough as it is. I only just moved here and I need to know where ‘my people’ are at,” says Mr Harvey with a sinister grin.

“In an office of 45 people, I don’t imagine it’ll be hard to find a fellow blazer,”

“The easiest way to source out my 420-brethren is through music,”

“I’ll ‘accidentally’ pull my headphones out from my desktop and let the entire office hear a sample of my spotify playlist.

“I’m thinking Cypress Hill… That should bring a few of them out of the wood-work”

Mr Harvey says that making friends with fellow marijuana-enthusiasts isn’t usually a top priority for him in the workplace, but with an incredibly social atmosphere at Corporate Signage, he really needs to find some his ‘fam’.

“Usually I am happy to live my life outside of work. But this place is pretty ‘cliquey’… and I sure as fuck am not interested in talking about Alexandra’s teenage sons,”

Having recently moved from North-New South Wales, Benjamin says sparking a relationship with an office green fiend would immensely help him outside of work as well.

“I’m new to Brisbane… I don’t know where to get on yet,”

“Plus, it’s always good to have a bit of 420 fam inside an office full of suburban dorks,”

“Pick it, pack it, fiirre it up… Come along,”



  1. Haha this is awesome! Goodluck finding some 420 friends within the office, I still haven’t found any in my company and it does make it a little more lonely.


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