A report has revealed the Australian postcodes where mortgage-holders are under the most financial stress to pay off their homes.

It’s estimated that more than 100,000 Australian households will be experiencing mortgage stress after the Reserve Bank of Australia lifted the crash rate for the ninth consecutive month.

A new survey by Betoota’s Western Queensland University has identified key data and immediate behavioural changes that can be directly linked back to the RBA’s most recent interest rate hike.

A 21% of respondents say they haven’t missed repayments but only because they raided and pillaged their superannuation to do so.

While a striking 38% say that they will spend less on medicine and vegetables to prioritise their mortgage if rates continue to rise.

13% say they have completely raided their superannuation to offset the rate rises, 79% say they will try to increase their income, up from 14.5% in last year’s survey.

However, one of the most telling statisitics is the notable increase in church attendance, as once relapsed or non-believeing Christians begin returning to God in droves.

According to the 2021 Census, less than half of Australia continues to practice Christianity (43.9%)

Other responses listed included No religion (38.9%) Islam (3.2%) Hinduism (2.7%)

However, it seems, that the number on non believers has shrunk considerable in recent weeks – following the newest wave of mortgage stress placed on younger Australians who have worked tirelessly to skimp and save enough of their income to pull together a bank deposit that grants them access into our nation’s disgustingly manipulated property pyramid schemes that exists solely to line the pockets of the same generation that received free university and were just young enough to avoid being drafted to the Vietnam war.

It is believed the number of Australians walking away from atheism, and back towards traditional religion, is directly linked to the fact only God can save us now.

Because Joe Hockey said all anyone needed to do was get a good job.


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