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Kendrick Lamar has continued to blow fans away right across the country with his unforgettable set of his chart-topping anthems in the 2018 DAMN. tour.

After a highly anticipated appearance at Byron Bay’s Splendour In The Grass, the Californian rap musician commonly known as ‘Pulitzer Kenny’ has performed to back-to- back sell out shows at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, finishing last night.

While fans of all size and shape have shelled out for the privilege of seeing the maverick Compton-born musical icon throughout his most recent tour, the stark majority of Sydney’s Wednesday audience appeared to be of a fairer complexion to other cities.

Music analysts say this may be a result of the fact that this 2nd show was announced late in the tour, leaving white people to do what they do best and jump in on something awesome after everyone else has (see: Iggy Azalea).

While the 31-year-old rap superstar says race doesn’t matter, as all he can see from the stage is iPhone torches that represent $200 ticket-holders, it does seem as though he had trouble bringing guests onto the stage like he does elsewhere in the world.

“Nah I’m all good” says one crowd-member, Kylie (23), after being invited on stage to join him in singing the lyrics to his break out single M.A.A.d city.

“You’re doing great! Keep going”

Another guest, Brendan (33), who was also invited on stage, politely declined as well.

“Haha. Nah. Not my strong suit. You’re the rapper haha” said Brendan.

However, aside from a lack of cooperation from the audience, the tour has been touted as one of the most entertaining musical performances this year.

Members of Lamar’s 60+ entourage say that while the Splendour In The Grass gig was arguably by the whitest, a 40-minute set did not allow for any audience collaborations.


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