Local man, Toolio, is just popping down to the bottle shop apparently.

With both his missus and close mates currently enjoying a BBQ out the back of his place, Toolio definitely isn’t putting a cheeky fifty through one of the automated Aristocrats pokie machines down in the shopping square.

“I’ll just pop down to the bottle shop, pick up some more beer” he said to his guests.

“Don’t wanna run out”

After notching roughly ten minutes more than would be expected, Toolio’s phone is already blowing up in his pocket – as his girlfriend knows he’s probably been tempted by those god damn electronic noises coming out of the pub attached to the liquor store.

“Nah. I’m just in the bathroom” he says to her, attempting to muffle out the sounds of the 25 pokie machines surrounding him.

“I’ll be home soon. Anything else you want?”

Toolio Runamackusmade headlines last year when was recorded having somewhat of a mental breakdown, after realising he had just gambled his entire paycheck through several pokie machines at Western Sydney’s Fairfield RSL… and lost it all!

Hidden cameras from inside the gaming arcade captured hilarious scenes – and it’s sure to make your sides split!

What’s even funnier? Mr Runamackus said that it wasn’t isn’t the first time!

When asked what he plans on doing to survive the next six days with no money, his response had us in stitches!

“I’ll be eating corn flakes for dinner mate,”



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