For the second time in just over a week, Former Prime Minister John Howard has decided to go against the grain and defend an accused child molestor – even after being presented with a lot of evidence that he might be on the wrong side of history.

This comes as NOVA, whose radio network includes easy-listening station smoothfm, has joined international media companies in pulling Michael Jackson songs from its playlists, in the wake of renewed sexual abuse allegations against the late singer featured in the documentary Leaving Neverland.

Mr Howard, however, who detests child abuse trials by media, even when the accused have been found guilty in trials by jury, under media suppression orders – has rushed to defend Jackson.

Lawyers for the estate of Michale Jackson say that John Howard has provided a character reference for the late pop star, who has been posthumously accused of child sex offences.

“Bit weird actually” said Michael Jackson’s lawyer.

“No one eve asked him to. I don’t even think he met Michael. He just thinks he was a good bloke and is sick of seeing high-profile men having their reputation damaged by accusations made by survivors of child abuse”

“Not sure what he’s got against victims. But whatever.”

Mr Howard, who became prime minister in 1996, the same time Jackson was alleged to have been doing these things, is believed to have described the King Of Pop as a remarkably talented

Leaving Neverland – which features two men, including Australian choreographer Wade Robson, detailing explicit allegations of sexual abuse against the singer when they were little – has completely flipped the historical Jackson legacy since its premiere at Sundance in January.

John Howard says in the face of public opinion, he vows to make sure the world knows that he thinks Michael Jackson was a good bloke, even after watching the doco.


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